Thanksgiving! Turkey & Cranberry Macarons

Turkey and Cranberry Macarons
These were such a hit last year we had to bring them back 🙂 Our  Turkey & Cranberry Macarons! Delicious AND decorative—they look realllly good on a table and are currently available in all 3 of our locations in Victoria and Vancouver. Even a small dish of these cranberry red beauties can add some real vibrance to a festive dinner table. Or… you could always go all out with a Macaron Pyramid in fall-ish shades:

Fall Macaron Pyramid

We jumped onto Pinterest and found a few more ways to dress up your table, and while we did appreciate the pumpkins that were painted white and bedazzled, we picked out some of the most simple ideas because you probably have more than enough on your hands! Basically: gourds and leaves are the way to go 😉 (You probably knew that, but a bit of visual inspiration is always nice!)

Have a wonderful Turkey Day Everyone!





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