A Few of Our Classics

We’re always excited to let you know about our new flavours. But today we wanted to shine the spotlight on some of the flavours that have been in our macaron cases from day one (or close to!), and which are pretty much guaranteed to always be there. People come back for these time and time again, and we have to admit we’re pretty partial to them ourselves! Read on to learn more about what goes into these Bon Macaron classics.


Left to right from top to bottom, we have:

Nutella: This is one of our most popular—everybody knows and loves Nutella. We use Nutella and buttercream, and then we roast hazelnuts to sprinkle on top.

Rose: We use the roses from Happy Valley Lavender and Herb Farm as a decoration, and the filling is butter cream with rose syrup, and a little bit of rose jam.

Salted Caramel: The caramel sauce is our own simple recipe: salted butter, sugar, and whipping cream. And we have the sauce available to be purchased in jars!

Bacon Cream Cheese: This one is cream cheese, of course, with real bacon that we cook ourselves and grind into tiny little bacon bits.

White Truffle and Sea Salt: We use cream cheese for this one, too, and we get our truffle oil from Olive the Senses at Victoria Public Market.

Lavender: Like the rose petals, the lavender is from Happy Valley, and we simply grind it up and mix it with the butter cream.

Chocolate Explosion: We put chocolate everywhere we can. The filling is a chocolate ganache, we add cocoa powder to the meringue that we use for the shell and then we dust them with cocoa powder at the end.

Pure Vanilla: Nothing but Vanilla! We use vanilla beans in the meringue and the butter cream.

Goat Cheese and Fig: Another really simple one. It’s plain goat cheese that we mix with some fig spread. It’s a good one for people who can’t tolerate cow’s milk.

Pistachio: It’s butter cream with real pistachio paste. This is a real French classic.

And there you have it! A few of our favourites 🙂


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