Flavour Profile: Very Berry

We were *just* talking about how macarons are like art, and our in-house macaron artistes have done it again. How lovely are these Very Berry Macarons?? They are blueberry, raspberry and strawberry, all tumbled into one delicious morsel. And, AND our new marshmallow flavour is pineapple. All in all, there’s practically too much mouthwatering delectable goodness in the shop right now to handle. Come help!

You know we like our vintage finds but these week we’re going full antique, because we found and fell in love with these awesome pineapple and berry botanical prints on Etsy. They’re almost as pretty as our macarons!








On a more modern tip… this pineapple print tank top is pretty great.


Click any image for it’s source.


2 thoughts on “Flavour Profile: Very Berry

  1. Love your blog! Although we live in Qualicum Beach we like to come to Bon Macaron every time we are in Victoria! Your new flavours sound divine. We are hoping you come up with some more dairy free flavours too!


    1. Thank you!! So glad you’re enjoying it. And we’re very flattered to be one of your regular Vic spots. 🙂 We always have something new on the go, and will definitely have more dairy free. See you next time you’re in town!


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