Father’s Day: Sports, Stories and Deliciousness

Dads like delicious things too. This is a fact. So we’ve created a few awesome, sporty treats for all the fathers and grandfathers: Whiskey & Chocolate Footballs, Bourbon & Caramel Baseballs, and Rum & Coke Hockey Pucks. You don’t even have to choose because they all come together in one handy, gift-wrappable package!


This also seems like an excellent opportunity to revisit a French Canadian children’s classic: Roch Carrier’s The Hockey Sweater—or, in French, Le Chandail de hockey. 


The official Library and Archives of Canada have included this iconic children’s tale on their resources site, describing:

“In its earlier days, the National Hockey League had only a few teams worthy of attention  —  many would say only one: the Montréal Canadiens. The brightest star, and most popular player, in the Canadiens’ line-up was Number 9: Maurice Richard. It is easy to understand the distress of the young narrator in this story when, one day in the winter of 1946, he must exchange his red hockey sweater, which looks just like Maurice Richard’s, for a new, blue Toronto Maple Leafs sweater!!! A medley of emotions  —  disappointment, bitterness, humour, and tenderness  —  is richly explored in Sheldon Cohen’s full-page illustrations which perfectly complement the poignancy and playfulness of the text.”

From a kid’s point of view, Dad reading to you is just the best thing.

We also found a couple of lovely old baseball and football books! AND one on field hockey!

Our Girls’ Tip Top, Illustrated by Rene Cloke. From Peakirk Books.
The Strike-Out King by Julian De Vries
THE BELL HAVEN ELEVEN by George Barton, Illus. by Charles Paxson Gray Winston

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