Flavour Profile: Black Sesame

New Flavour: Black Sesame 


Open Sesame! This week’s flavour is pretty much magical. Sesame seeds are one of humanity’s oldest crops, appearing in ancient Babylonian and Assyrian records that date back 4000 years. An Assyrian legend holds when the gods gathered to create the world, they drank wine made from sesame seeds! And ancient Egyptians actually listed them as a medicinal drug in papyrus scrolls which are at least 3600 years old. It seems a bit funny to think of sesame as ‘medicine’ but it turns out the Egyptians weren’t wrong: modern nutritionists have recently been touting sesame’s superfood qualities, which include loads of minerals and vitamins, like calcium and iron. Now we’re not promising these macarons are going to completely cure whatever might be ailing you… but happiness certainly never hurt anyone and these rich, beautiful morsels have sure been putting smiles on our faces. Think of the sesame snaps you had as a kid just, like, on a whole new level 🙂


2 thoughts on “Flavour Profile: Black Sesame

  1. Excellent! So great you keep coming up with new flavours! Love your dairy free mandarin macarons. Your Earl grey marshmallows are divine too!



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