Flights of Imagination: Montreal

A Fraisier cake at Montreal’s Patisserie Rhubarbe. (Christinne Muschi for The Globe and Mail)

France isn’t the only place that’s, well, French! Montreal is a pretty cool city. If you have any doubts, just let your eyes wander over these amazing Airbnb listed apartments. We of course think macarons would be the best treat to enjoy in any of these places, but The Globe and Mail has an excellent little article on Montreal’s patisseries, who specialise in things like pies, meringues, strawberry cakes and button cookies.

(Sorry, did that get your sweet tooth going? Take a little trip over to our very own Bon Macaron patisserie—we can help!)


“Spacious loft, industrial style in historic building (Unity1), views on interior courtyard, polished cement floors. Furnished in a mix of retro-modern-industrial style.

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“You may fall in love with my apartment, that’s ok. It’s everything a person like me could ever want in a home – spacious rooms, great neighborhood, quiet street, tree shaded balcony, antique moldings, beautiful wood floors, and welcoming. Come visit!

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“Brand new sunny loft (750 sq ft) in an historic neighborhood. Right in the middle of the action in the center of Le Plateau on St Laurent (Main street) among countless restaurants and bars. Decorated in unique contemporary art with high ceilings.

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“An apartment that’s cozy, warm and typical with terrace, living room, veranda.

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“Le « Château ». The name of our spacious and warm household represents the elegant feel emanating from within the threshold of the 19th century house.

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“This is definitely the best area to live in Montreal! Just finished to renovate it all, giving ”rough-luxe” inspiration, using raw, noble and recycled material. Full of light, plants, an upright piano, washer and dryer, etc. The best neighbourhood!

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“Vintage hunting lodge in the heart of the plateau.

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