Flavour Profile: Cassis Lemon

New Flavour: Cassis Lemon


This week’s new flavour is *stunning*, if we say so ourselves! We’re using a real cassis fruit purée and lemon zest. There’s so much flavour packed into those tiny berries—otherwise known as black currants—that when you use them for baking the results are absolutely mouth watering. And they’re so full of vitamin C that during WWII, when citrus fruits were difficult to import, the English government distributed free black currant syrup to families with children under 2 years old! Now we know we had some beverage recipes for you just last week, but we can’t not mention that these lovelies would pair beautifully with a Kir Royale: Champagne with a splash of the French classic, creme de cassis.

(That was the recipe, by the way. Just champagne and creme de cassis. So simple. 🙂 You can click on the glass for a bit more preparation detail, though. )

Cheers to Fridays!



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