Flavour Profile: Apricot & Balsamic


We have a savoury flavour for you this week, and it’s incredible: Apricot &Balsamic with cream cheese. Yup, you heard that right. Balsamic Vinegar is actually Italian (shh). It’s got a wonderfully rich history and a complex mode of production that’s in many ways very similar to wine—both products begin with simple grapes and spend time in casks. While oak is traditional for wine, depending on the producer, balsamic vinegar can spend time not only with oak wood, but in casks made with wild cherry, flowering ash, chestnut, mulberry and juniper woods—and by time we mean sometimes more than 25 years! The casks below are from a traditional producer located in a village in Reggio Emilia, where it is customary to serve Baslamic vinegar on fruit and drizzled over chunks of parmesan cheese. And we also wanted to share a gorgeous pic of apricots drying in the sun in Cappadocia, Turkey. (Apricots are thought to originate in Armenia, though.) Basically, this flavour is the the world in a macaron. 🙂 We hope you love it as much as we do. barrels-fermentation-balsamic numbered-barrelsApricots_Drying_In_Cappadocia


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