Macaron School is the Best School

Class Is In Session

Fun fact: we often teach afternoon macaron classes! We always have such a great time, and this past Saturday was no exception. Everyone gets to pick his or her favourite flavour—in this class we made Earl Grey, Peanut Butter and Jam, Black Forest, Lavender, Pistachio, Strawberry and Champagne, Coffee, and Nutella, and all the ‘students’ got to go home with big mix of all of them (over 30 macarons each!) School should always be like this: tiny class size and loads of delicious ‘homework’ 🙂 These girls were total macaron pros by the end of the afternoon—top marks!!

Have a look through the photos! If it seems like something you think you’d enjoy, keep an eye on our social media. We hold classes throughout the year.


4 thoughts on “Macaron School is the Best School

    1. The classes are $90 per person, an can be run with 4 – 7 people. Please feel free to give us a call if you’d like to talk about setting something up! 778-265-0850


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