Flavour Profile: Irish Cream

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! We were going to make the flavour of the week ‘Green Beer’. But then we thought, we like it when you actually eat our macarons. So: Irish Cream! Irish cream seems to have really gained traction as a pre-made drink in the 70s—it’s basically whiskey and cream, often with chocolate or coffee added. Before that, there was Irish coffee. The ultimate place to enjoy this has to be The Buena Vista, in San Franciso. It’s a classic, wood-panelled old watering hole where the bartenders have stiff collars and wear white jackets. These days they can end up serving around 2000 Irish coffees in a single day, but all 2000 remain delicious. You can read about how this all began, in 1952, on their website. On the same page they have an awesome, old-school description of how the drink is made—it involves things like a ‘jigger’ of whiskey and a ‘collar’ of lightly whipped cream. We found this pic on Inside Scoop SF, and Punch has a really nice feature on the Buena Vista, which is where we found this gorgeous video (that can only be watched on Vimeo.) You might not be able to have a boozy coffee on your lunch break, but our macarons are totally sfw. bUENAV-1


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