Bonjour! Welcome to the Bon Macaron Blog. We make incredibly delicious, beautiful, gluten-free macarons in  Victoria and Vancouver! This blog is where we share our love for “Food Things & French Things”—things we think you might enjoy! Read on, below, for the Bon Macaron story.

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“Owners David Boetti and Yann Fougere both originate from France – Yann from Paris and David from Cannes.  The pair has been friends since university in the South of France.  Yann moved to Victoria in order to attend the University of Victoria as a transfer student, where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. David first chose to move to Vancouver, after completing a marketing degree in France, in order to improve his English and later ended up working in Victoria.

Both owners have an extensive background in both customer service and French pastries.  David and Yann have both worked in and managed numerous Cafes and Bakeries. They dreamed up the idea of bringing a bit of France to Victoria while being able to continue providing impeccable customer service within the city.  After many years arguing over France’s best dessert, the two finally agreed on the Macaron and it’s infinite flavour possibilities. The idea of showcasing both the sweet and savory sides of the Macaron was too good to pass up and lo and behold Bon Macaron Patisserie was born!”


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